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Major kudos to the Charming Events team for their dedication to their craft as Charming Events receives The Bride's Choice Award 2011 for Excellence in Design! Every wedding we produce is special to us and receives our full dedication. We are so proud to share this award which distinguishes the top wedding professionals across the country!



The Finer Things - Custom Signs


Gorgeous personalized signage is an excellent way to keep things organized on your wedding day. Especially helpful at beach and outdoor weddings, signage clearly directs your guests where to go, which keeps your timeline right on schedule. Signs are artfully designed to complement your overall wedding design, and are a favorite collectible after the wedding. Highly recommended!




Perfect Finishing Touches


Finishing touches can include any small detail work that incorporates your design goals and helps round out a cohesive plan. It’s these last details that absolutely make your wedding your own. Here are a few of my favorites…




The Finer Things - Table Signs


As guests enter the reception room, aside from being blown away with the fabulous décor, they will be searching for their assigned table. Traditionally, banquet halls would place a black and white number to distinguish each table. This is another fantastic opportunity to infuse your own style into your wedding designs. Custom made table signs enhance your overall design theme, and add a touch of elegance to the evening.




The Finer Things - Rose Cones

It's the finishing touches that really add personality and style to a wedding design. Fine details distinguish a couple on their special day from those who have gone before them. Rose Cones are an excellent opportunity to do this! A Rose Cone will set your color scheme, often being the first impression your guests get of what is to come. They are also a canvas for personalization and highlights. For instance, Katie's wedding featured butterflies, so each guests received their Rose Cone with silver butterfly accent and crystal detailing. They were simple and elegant, and really set the pace for her ceremony! Of course Rose Cones are just as functional as they are beautiful! As the bride and groom exit their ceremony, guests line up and toss the Rose petals into the air. The petals flutter down gracefully showering the newly betrothed - a photographer's gold mine! The pictures are gorgeous, and the moment is tender. Rose Cones are definitely one of the finer things and the perfect finishing touch to your ceremony!


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